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1120 S 1350 W, Orem, UT 84058

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$230 - $350
πŸ›Œ  3
πŸ›  1.5
πŸŽ“   2.8mi to BYU

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Location Details

πŸ“ 1120 S 1350 W, Orem, UT 84058

πŸŽ“ 2.8mi

Distance to BYU

πŸšΆβ€οΈ 30+min

EST. Walk to BYU

🚲 8min

Est. Bike ride to BYU

πŸš— 6min

Est. Drive to BYU

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this place sucks. don't ever live here. i lived here summer '09. when we moved in, our place was trashed, even though management said maintenance had cleaned it. maintenance was so confused. management is hostile and accusatory: everything is the residents' fault, even when its NOT. they are scumbags. but there is a nice girl who works in the front office. but thats it. everyone else sucks. the place sucks. looks nice on the outside, but inside it is a festering filth-hole. lots of drugs and stuff, drugbusts every other week. the hot tub is always over crowded with highschool kids. pools are always filthy, residents throw stuff in them all the time, and management doesnt clean it out, or do anything to prevent it. the room was tiny, and filthy, we cleaned it ourselves. living areas and kitchen etc were nasty...roommates already there said they had asked for carpet cleaners for two yesra and they have never come. we got them in there but management was jerks about it and said theyre doing us a special favor and if it gets messed up then wer will have to pay out of pocket...even thogu they are suppseod to clean every 6 months. our bathroom door didnt lock. the shower was messed up a bit too. first time i turned the shower water on it just ran and ran andi couldnt turn it off, i called maintenance and they came after a few hours to shut it off. the model they sold us was very nice, and way bigger than our actual unit...when we tried to tell management we felt we had been deceived, the manager said the model looks bigger because the "lights and windows and angles in that room are deceptive and make it look bigger". why show a "deceptive" model?? p.s. my friends vehicle got towed FROM THE VISITOR PARKING! the tow company is RUTHLESS!! they make so much money off us poor college kids..the truck is prowling the lot every night right around midnight. seriously, this place sucks I rented from spring '09 through summer '09. ...


There are not words in any language to explain and give justice to how crappy this place is! From day one it has been the worst place to live in. The management is terrible and it is like pulling teeth to get something done around here. The parking is horrible and if you ever park in the wrong area, you will be towed! It looks nice from the outside but looks and smells like a dump on the inside. The only convenience about this crap hole is that there is a church close by. Trust me this place is the worst place to live in Utah. I rented from winter '08 through spring '08. ...


This is the worst place to live. I do not recommend it. Management is awful. They don't fix anything. I pay $300 to SHARE a room, ridiculous! I could have my own room in any other apt for the same price. Management is rude and fake. My roommate and I had a stalker chase us up the stairs and to our apt. Then he creeped around our hallways for 2 weeks, knocking on our doors. We were afraid to go anywhere alone. We told management and they acted like they were doing so much to help. Nothing got done. They never found him because the security cameras were not turned off that night. I believe the security cameras never worked in the first place and they're just there for show. We have had missing blinds in every room ever since we moved in. We have a huge light shining inside our window all night and no blinds! We have complained countless times and STILL have no blinds. So anybody driving down Un. Pkwy can see us changing at night. Do not do automatic payment. Management is too retarded to figure it out. I went the whole month of Feb without paying rent because they were too lazy to use my acct # found on file and make the payment. I had 3 eviction notes on my door after I had been down to the office 4 times and called them 8 times. They told me every time that they were making the payment and every time it was not done. I got embarrassing eviction notices every week because they were too lazy to run the transaction. They are too concerned with the image of their new office to worry about their residents. The room size is nice. It is big enough to comfortably share. However, there is NO closet! Where are you supposed to put all of your clothes? There is no closet or dresser. They give you a piece of crap wooden cubby deal. The cubby holes are very awkward and impossible to store stuff in. The parking is great, there is always plenty of parking. There is hardly any visitor parking though. My ward was awesome, great bishop. He is getting released very soon though. Our kitchen table did not come with chairs. We complained about that and never received chairs. So we have to eat on our couch or bring our desk chairs out every time we wanted to eat. There is absolutely no storage. There is no room for 4 people to put all of their food. I couldn't imagine if the other 2 girls moved in. There would not be space for 6 girls. There are enough bathrooms though. 3 bed and 3 bath. That is nice. Management will not fix anything if you call. They won't fix anything if you go down and kindly ask them to. You have to be mean and yell to get them to do anything. They are lazy. I hated this place and would never recommend it to anyone. I rented from fall '07 through spring '08. ...


Quality is the worst in the provo area!! Parking is good, but you can't do much when someone breaks your window in and steal all your stuff!! You will lose money in the end. This is the worst apartment complex in the whole valley. It is infested with drugs. The new management is the most dishonest who finds it humerous to Keep am man named Keith Long their as their manager. He has already fired probably close to 15 people at the property. He blames all his problems on his employees. The main goal of the property is to make everything seem nice and comfortable, but in retrospect, its a dump!! What comes around goes around Keith!! Your dishonesty will not get you far. READ THE REVIEW PEOPLE, DO NOT LIVE HERE***IT IS HORRIBLE. I rented from fall '08 through fall '08. ...


Parkway is a seriously mixed bag. I loved my apartment, I had a private room and it was spacious and really nice. My roommates were so-so, it's pretty luck of the draw. There's not a ton of serious students here, mainly kids going to hair school or working. Lots of 'fresh out of highschool' kids. It's nice to have the chapel right there, you can literally roll out of bed into church if you want, but I was disappointed with the wards. Full of fakers who are just there to text and show off their clothes and hair. Parking is great, not covered, but always enough to go around and I never had a problem with guests getting booted or anything. Bottom line, I would say they're good in terms of apartment quality, but if you want a gospel standard or academic atmosphere, choose a different place. I rented from fall '07 through winter '08. ...


I hate this place with every fiber of my being. I first signed a contract when they allowed pets and paid the deposit for my dog and lost all record of it and wouldn't accept any records I had so I lost over $500 and my dog. The management sucks really bad and maintenance took over a week to fix my leaking sink pipe and months (MONTHS!) to fix my 2 windows that don't lock (and on the first floor too!). I live by myself and pay for a shared bedroom, and they come in randomly to check the same things over and over and told me to make sure my book was off of the desk on the other side of the room. This place sucks and they will probably go out of business in the next few years. They'll harrass you about one thing or another, then will leave you alone for about a month and then will nag you again and again about the same thing, even if it was previously "resolved." I do not recommend it. I've also had people smoking and drinking outside my window, and it's not allowed on the property and they did nothing - I'm allergic to smoke so I had to close my window that didn't lock. The flat rate of utilities is nice... even though I don't use $50 worth of utilities since I'm barely home. Everything is a rip off. Don't be fooled! It all seems amazing for the first month or two and then goes down the toilet!!! They lie! No one in the management office will tell you the same thing. I rented from summer '08 through fall '08. ...


This place is horrible. The management never gave me a mail key and then charged me a ridiculous fee for losing it! The management is terrible. The girls who worked in the office when I was there thought they were the stuff and were only nice and helpful when they wanted to get you to sign a contract. After that they are worthless and helpless. The room was nasty when I moved in and spotless when I moved out but they took some of my deposit for cleaning. I wouldn't live in this white trash, drug infested mess again if it were free. I rented from spring '07 through summer '07. ...


These apartments are awful. Don't live here. They are infested with drugs and alcohol, and management refuses to take care of the problem (even when told about it). When I moved in, I was told that my apartment would be clean. It wasn't. In fact, it was a dump. Also, management has admitted to me that they snoop around in people's apartments when no one is there. It's really unbelievable. I rented from fall '07 through summer '08. ...


Nice place, awesome location. The only thing is it's tuff to meet people, even if your out going (like me), if your new to Utah. The social scene is crapy. If your social and like to meet new people and actually do stuff and have a good time during college, don't move here. It's a good place if you already have a solid group of friends and have lived in Utah awhile. I would not recommend it to new comers from out of state or those looking to meet new friends. PEOPLE HERE STICK TO THEIR CLIQUES. I'm not moving back next semester. Provo is MUCH better. I rented from winter '07 through winter '07. ...


management screwed up my rent two months in a row, in the end i lost thirty much need dollars. they're really frustrating I rented from fall '05 through spring '06.


Great for freshmen, not really for sophmores or above. Parking sucks for the C,D, and B buildings. Other than that its great! I rented from fall '04 through winter '05.

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