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737 N 900 E, Provo, UT 84606

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$399 - $450
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📍 737 N 900 E, Provo, UT 84606

🎓 0.5mi

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🚶‍️ 8min

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🚲 2min

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🚗 1min

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Current Resident

worse customer service and anyone who picks up doesn't know how to do their job , mostly lies or made up empty promises Gosh is dispicable and literally a waste of time and money .,............very immature and unprofessional too!


Former Resident

MOMS BEWARE...do not be tricked and give one dime to College Place and do not believe a word EMERALD or MAURI (or anyone else in the office or management) tell you or your child. They are DISHONEST, UNKIND, DEVIOUS, EVASIVE and DECEITFUL. I specifically talked with Emerald when my daughter was looking for a place to live while attending BYU. At that time, (March of 2020) Emerald was sweet and workable and full of lies and deceit when she was trying to get us to sign a contract for college place. Oh how everything changed when my daughter actually signed and I moved her in. Later when reading the fine print we realized that everything that EMERALD promised us was a lie. (My bad for not studying the fine print) Due to Covid, we were not allowed inside to really see the complex. Huge disadvantage for us but must’ve been a huge advantage for College Place since if anyone saw the condition of this place they would NEVER rent there unless desperate. Even then, what we went through wasn’t worth it. At one point, I called Emerald on the phone when I was so sad for my daughter due to everything she was going through. I was very frustrated with overcharges and filth and noise and how we were lied to about the mission call and 120 days notice... I called that day and confronted EMERALD on the phone and told her I was tired of excuses and lies and was coming down to talk to her (I was visiting my daughter). She agreed...but she cowered and when I went down to office, the door was locked. Through the door window, I could see a young man with women’s silver fingernails on telling me through the window, due to Covid I couldn’t enter. This was MAURI. I was furious and told him I was just on the phone with EMERALD and we had an appointment to talk. He finally reluctantly opened the door and let me in to wait for her. He said she was away. I told him she knew I was coming and I’d wait for her. He quickly presented me with a signed copy of my contract with the mission call fine print highlighted...I explained to him Emerald’s dishonesty and how College Place had lied to us multiple times and that the apartment was a disaster and they were dishonestly overcharging us. He was RUDE and SNAPPY and extremely defensive saying that the contract is all they need. It was like MAURI had a set of answers ready..they are obviously trained to know how to be prepared for frustrated tenants. That should be a sign. So the reasons NOT to rent: (I’ll only name a few or we’d be here all day) -They lie about getting your deposit back. We didn’t and my daughters room was spotless. I had to deep clean the apartment when I moved in. It was filthy.***When it came time for my daughter to move out we removed all of her belongings and cleaned it. We left an inexpensive dressing mirror on the wall thinking it may be beneficial to next renter. I was ready to hit the road for home and on my way out let them know we were ready for a final inspection and dropped off her keys. They said they’d send someone up to inspect the apartment. They called us back (I was already on road to home) and said they would be charging us for the mirror we left behind unless we came and removed it. I asked them if they would take it down and throw it away and they said no. I can respect that they don’t want to be responsible for renters junk-So my daughter called a roommate and asked her to go in and take it off the wall and throw it away...and she agreed. When the roommate went to do it, the College Place inspector had purposely locked the door so we would have to pay a fine. I was already on the road to move her home and the roommate couldn’t get in. I had already turned in my daughters keys. We were stuck and Emerald didn’t care or try to work with us.*** -They double charge you rent then you can’t get ahold of them to fix it so you’re charged late fees that if you don’t pay they ding your credit. -constant maintenance required. They’ll occasionally come when you call but never fix anything. Her shower head was broken (sprayed her ceiling—amongst so many other things in the apartment and hallways and elevator) entire time she rented there. The entire place was falling apart. It’s pretty new but seems so old and run down. Garbage shoots are disgusting and stinky and there’s always carpet stains all down hallways from people carrying their leaky garbage to the shoots. I would go to visit her and there was always garbage piled up by elevators in hallway. -50$ a month parking is a joke and someone was always in her space. Never could get in touch with management to handle it. Then my daughter got multiple tickets for parking in visitor spot. -After specifically asking Emerald two times, she lied to me about a 120 day notice for a mission. You actually have to have the mission call in hand. Later that was added into fine print of contract. We had to pay two extra months rent while my daughter was on her mission. (Read everything in fine print if your dumb enough to still rent here.) -BYU approved housing shouldn’t have tenants who drink, evicted drunk neighbors or students walking around in basically nothing. If it’s in the honor code, BYU approved housing should have to enforce it. College Place didn’t care who they rented to. They just want to dishonestly lock you into a contract and take your money and your stuck with whoever lives with you. Scary. The hot tub (outside below my daughters window) is busy all night with kids partying and drinking and making out (and whatever else) even though there’s a curfew on it. She was up multiple nights due to the noise and screaming and partying and again, College Place never did anything about it...they didn’t enforce any rules except the ones that are tied to their pocketbook. -The monthly utilities they tell you are not per apartment. They ended up being per person in our experience. Again, if you refuse to pay, they fine you and make you miserable and your credit is dinged. You cannot get ahold of them to talk anyway. Never available. -DO NOT BELIEVE ANY GOOD REVIEW OF THIS PLACE! They bribe tenants with gift cards and other perks to get high reviews! -The entire complex is FILTHY. Do not believe the pictures. It is dingy and dirty everywhere outside and in. -we tried numerous times to reach the management group of the complex as weeks-nothing. They never answer. You will be trapped if you rent here. Many other reasons not to rent... This is long and I apologize, but seriously DO NOT RENT FROM COLLEGE PLACE. YOU AND YOUR COLLEGE STUDENT WILL REGRET IT! Save yourself the headache and frustration and TRUST ALL THE BAD REVIEWS! We should have but gave them the benefit of the doubt and it was a terrible decision full of disappointment and money and aggravation...I’d give this place zero stars if I could. ...


I would not be able to recommend living at CollegePlace to ANYONE. the management is the ABSOLUTE WORST i have ever dealt with. they are selfish and absolutely unwilling to work with their residents. the apartments are nice, but overpriced and the social life is absolutely horrible. just take my advice and DONT live here I rented from winter 2019 through summer 2020. ...


This place DRAINS you of your money. I sold my contract but was still being charged a random $175 fee. There is no explanation nor reason for the charges and its not worth your money. I rented from fall 2017 through spring 2018.


If you wanna be miserable, have half broken utilities, have crappy crammed parking and pay a load of money monthly, then this is the place for YOU!! What a deal. This place is horrible, don't sign with them do whatever you can just run away from their management. Our oven and refrigerator was broken all year long and still charged us for full utilities. Management often just walked into our apartments trying to sell their rooms without any early notices. Horrible place, don't sign. I only liked their close location from BYU campus. I rented from fall 2016 through winter 2017. ...


I wish I could give 0 stars to this place. I would not recommend living here to anyone. I was going to wait to post this until after receiving my deposits back in full, but I don't want anyone else moving there who isn't aware of what they're getting themselves into. I moved in last August, and the place was a disaster. Nothing was finished as it was supposed to be, and they wouldn't give anyone a discount even though no amenities were available. When we got the new management it seemed better, but that was short lived. We have had horrible experiences with them. One of them being we are the showroom apartment which granted us a $25 credit every month, and not only did they forget to give us that credit every.single.month unless I called to remind them, but they would walk in without knocking beforehand. Most landlords give their tenants 24 hours notice, but they couldn't even be bothered to walk in themselves before letting a family in to make sure everything was presentable. On top of that, there is a hot water cap, and the water heater runs out of warm water by the time you get done washing your hair. The parking fee has increased to $50 a month which is outrageous. Once I got towed from inside the garage (I have a spot) by another tenant even though I was previously told we were not allowed to call University Towing on anyone. My rent has been charged double, mail remains in the office for months if you do not actively go check to see if anything was left for you, and if you do have an issue to talk to management about, they seem completely bothered by it and are rude. Their system tries to charge you additional rent for the last month of your lease even though you pay first and last month's upon moving in. This place is incredibly nice and we loved the rooms, but it is not.worth.it. Some things are worth overlooking, but all of the issues that come with living at CollegePlace are not. I rented from fall 2016 through fall 2017. ...


This place is the worst. It looks pretty but wasn't built right. Since living here our sink has fallen out of the kitchen, bathroom towel rod fallen off the wall, tv stopped working, and the panel in the back of the cupboard pushes open right through to the drywall. There's not near enough parking for everyone, and if you do get a spot, the spaces are crammed. The hot tub is always closed for maintenance. Management has changed 3 times since I've been here and the new people don't seem to care at all. Especially about residents who are already living with them. Rent is $479 + utilities + $50 for parking which is a scam, since they're fine running promotions for new residents. Don't live here. I rented from winter 2016 through winter 2017. ...


I hated living in this place. It is pretty nice and has a good location, but I would never live here again. Maintenance waltzed into our apartment on several occasions without knock or a previous warning. There wasn't even anything broken so we didn't know why they even came in. Management would do tours in our apartment unexpectedly also without telling us, bringing strangers in and scaring us. It is virtually impossible to get a parking spot here. Why the name? I have always been embarrassed to tell people I live at the College Place. Why did they have to change it from Pacific Heights? This is much too over-priced to put up with the inconsiderate management here. I have never felt like it was secure here. I hate College Place. I rented from fall 2016 through winter 2017. ...

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