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199 Stone Mill Run, Athens, GA 30605

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πŸŽ“   0.7mi to UGA

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πŸ“ 199 Stone Mill Run, Athens, GA 30605

πŸŽ“ 0.7mi

Distance to UGA

πŸšΆβ€οΈ 11min

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🚲 2min

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πŸš— 1min

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Avoid River Mill at all costs. I wish I had listened to online reviews before I signed my lease - I am considering legal action to get out of my contract here. I hate this complex, and wish I would have lived ANYWHERE else. The bugs are ungodly. They are everywhere - in my silverware drawer (ew), on my makeup brushes (ew), in my bathroom (ew), and they don't appear to be going away anytime soon. The office staff are nice and pleasant, but they can't make up for the fact that the complex itself is a hellhole. Parking is a nightmare. If someone parks in your spot, you have no choice but to park in someone else's spot while you wait for the tow truck, which you have to call yourself. There are not enough guest parking spaces in the complex, and they are inconveniently located. The apartments themselves are very spacious - I live in a townhouse and love having two stories and two bedrooms. My kitchen is small and my "dining area" is large and wasteful. Two people absolutely cannot cook in the kitchen at the same time. Two people absolutely cannot STAND in the kitchen at the same time. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "We're sorry you're having this experience, we will do everything we can to improve your stay," I would have enough money to pay rent at River Mill AND somewhere else. I would move out of here TOMORROW if I had the opportunity. Seriously, the location is amazing but does not make up for the rest of the complex. Live somewhere else - you'll thank me. I rented from fall 2016 through fall 2016. ...


Avoid this complex at all costs! I moved here because of the location, but it is not worth what I have had to go through with this apartment complex. I have spent the last 6 months having to deal with constant noise from construction workers "upgrading" the apartment, yet our dishwasher hasn't worked since I moved in! Not only that, but our refrigerator is constantly going out, and so is the air. The apartment is impossible to keep cool in the summer, driving our electricity bill up. Not to mention, there is mold in the air conditioner closet. You would think that with all of these "upgrades", they would replace their 20 year old appliances (the model dishwasher is from 1987!) They also close their pool, clubhouse and gym claiming that "the city shut it down" so they've been "fixing it" for the past month now. THAT DOESN'T SOUND SAFE! Neither does the constant electrical issues we keep having all over the unit (ground loops, circuit breaker tripping all the time). I cannot stress enough- DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! I rented from fall 10 through summer 11. ...


LOCATION is Awesome! You are super close to campus- 7 minute walk to the Tate Center. This is an older unit, I believe they said it was built like 40 years ago, so it is not in "brand new" condition, but he apartments are huge-- we had over 1000 sq/ft 2br apartment. Convenience is what makes this place so good. Management is great. I rented from fall 10 through spring 11. ...


The problems here are so numerous I don't know where to begin. The rent is high here compared to other spots in Athens. You can rent in the center of down town for the same price if you want action and food and bars. You can rent off campus for the same price or lower if you want quiet. Or you can pay way to much here to walk a couple miles uphill to get to anything. This place has a horrible quality of life. There are drunk kids in the stairwells and outside at any given hour of the night. Security doesn't seem to care if kids are ollying across speedbumps on their skateboards at 3AM on a weeknight, but yet security will harass people about parking or other mundane things. Long story short, security here is a joke. If you have problems just call the cops. I don't like to get involved, but when I hear a girl come running out of my neighbors apartment crying uncontrollably and some random dude cursing up a storm it makes me a little uncomfortable. Speaking of parking, this is also a big problem. You get an assigned spot, but if someone is in your spot, which happens a lot, you need to call the towing company yourself. If you own a parking sticker but you put it in the wrong spot, you can still be towed. Whats the right spot' Well, that changes each year when new management comes in. I got harassed by security today about having my sticker in the wrong spot. Roaches. Yes, thats right, roaches. Roaches galore. Despite the fact that an exterminator comes into my apartment once a month, against my specific express request not to allow exterminators or anyone else into my unit, I still have roaches. So I get poison in my apartment but I still have vermin... Construction. Things are constantly under construction. It takes the complex months into the semester to rip out the puke covered rugs and broken appliances of last years residence, and they somehow manage to make it more noisy than you would think it needs to be. Once you do sign a lease, expect a threatening letter four months later telling you if you if you do not renew your lease for a higher rent six months before it is up River Mill cannot promise they will not rent out your unit to someone else next season. The ceilings are thing. Pray your upstairs neighbor is a petite person that does not like to party or play music. Sadly, there seems to be a beer pong table directly on top of my bed room. I hear every step they take, Its like making a good Sting song into a nightmare... If you are wondering if I am just having a worse experience at River Mill than most renters I can assure you that is not the case. I can easily refer you to other renters that decided early on they will not be renewing their lease here. If you are a drunk slob fresh out of prison I would say River Mill might just be an upgrade in your living conditions, with emphasis on MIGHT, otherwise, for the love of God, run, run away, run like the wind my friend!!!!! I rented from summer '09 through fall '09. ...

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