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Legacy At Fort Clarke - Gainesville, FLWrite a Review

1505 Fort Clarke Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32606

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πŸŽ“   5.5mi to City College Branch Campus

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πŸ“ 1505 Fort Clarke Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32606

πŸŽ“ 5.5mi

Distance to City College Branch Campus

πŸšΆβ€οΈ 30+min

EST. Walk to City College Branch Campus

🚲 17min

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πŸš— 11min

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Current Resident

Wish I had positive things to say. The buildings are starting to get worn down . Maintenance is a total hit or miss . You can find day poop and trash all over the grounds . This is definitely a place that I wouldn’t recommend.


Current Resident

This place is a total disappointment. Nothing like the pics online . The grounds and units are disgusting. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone . Do your self a favor and keep looking. You will be glad you did .


I've lived at Legacy for two years now. The first year and a half were okay when I lived in a one bedroom on the back end of the property. It's quiet, and there are a lot of spaces for me to let me dogs go outside. Then I switched into a larger apartment on the first floor since I got a roommate. This is when things got weird. Little bugs (crustaceans) referred to as "lawn shrimp" would come into our apartment by the 100s at night! They're harmless, but still disgusting. They'd die at the door every morning. We have dogs and children in our apartment, so I find this less than acceptable. When I called the office for help, they claimed there is nothing that can be done. I'm sorry, but clearly the weather strip around the door is bad if these things are coming in by the 100s (I have photo evidence). They eventually replaced the weatherstrip when we weren't home, and it was too long that we couldn't even open the door. We had to kick the door in... then we couldn't shut the door (also have photo evidence). Maintenance man luckily helped us, but this was really inconvenient. It didn't help. The bugs still come in. So when I finally got a hold of a regional manager (she ignored my voicemails for 3 weeks.. had to talk to a president of the Southeast states), she basically told me "tough luck". I explained it's pretty ridiculous that I'm paying EXTRA money to live on the first floor to deal with this infestation ($1200 a month!). If no one cleans them out of the breezeway, it smells like a fishing pier. They're GROSS!. Google them. The front office people admitted to me that they have to go to their model rooms and get on their hands and knees to get these "lawn shrimp" off the ground before taking guests on tour. That's false advertisement to potential future residents. SO BEWARE! Make sure to ask about the lawn shrimp! Regional manager told me it affects 4 out of 18 buildings..... so far. And on another note, legacy used to be reasonably priced. They're getting more expensive. I've been doing my research and have found several comparable apartments with more reasonable prices. Keep looking for something other than Legacy and their lawn shrimp infestation. I rented from fall 11 through fall 11. ...


So, I moved into Legacy at Fort Clarke last September, rushing to get away from my previous ghetto apartment in the Southwest of town, where I had to repeatedly call police due to break-ins, robberies, suspicious behavior, etc. So initially, when I moved into Legacy, a 'gated' community in the northwest part of town, I thought it was certainly a step up. Notice 'gated'....the community has gates that you have to have a gate card for or visitors can use the call box to get through, but there are also gates you can walk through around the community (i.e. behind the mailbox) that is never locked. So, what good is having a gate if it isn't locked? It's just one of their many amenities you pay for but aren't truly getting. Additionally, their maintenance staff is awful. You call in to report a problem, and it may be weeks before you hear back. Also, if maintenance does come, they don't alert you or give you any notice. If they are in your apartment, they are supposed to hang a sign on your door. I've had a sign on my door and walked in to no maintenance personnel in there, and then when there aren't signs on my door, they are in there and act shocked when I walk in. They don't leave any notes to let you know if they actually fixed the problem, if they'll be back, or anything, so you're totally left guessing. Additionally, they do 'inspections' nearly every month, and they typically notify you the day before by a letter on your door, and they tell you to have your apartment accessible for them from 9-5 and to have your animals locked up. This gets quite annoying as it happens all the time. I live in a building at the front of the complex, and it is extremely noisy. The gates are really loud, squeaky, and noisy when they open and close (which is nonstop), and when visitors drive away from the call box, it beeps extremely loud for a minute. The gates often malfunction, and then you get a guy out there with some sort of buzz saw...also very noisy. They have people come to mow the lawn and weed-whack every week, first thing in the morning, so if you like to sleep in in the mornings, you can forget it, because they start that at about 8AM. The patios are screened in, but the bases have a bar around them, so they hold water, so every time it rains, you have a huge pool of standing water on your patio. The community pool would be nice, if it weren't occupied by obnoxious kids all the time. I tried using it in late evenings, hoping most of the parents would have their kids at home and in bed, but to no avail. The pool is constantly littered with toys, and, this one time i went recently, there was a girl, probably about 12 years old with her little brother (no parents around), and she was trying to impress some boys she was with, so she was having her little brother yell curse words and she was talking about all the marijuana she smokes. great, just what i want to listen to when i'm trying to relax after a long day at work! also, people don't clean up their dog's poop, so be very careful when you're walking in the grass. the 'dog park' area is tiny, and typically the grass is overgrown, and there is a ton of poop in that yard too, so when you go in there, you can expect to be stuck standing in one place. Also if you have a pet, be prepared to fork over a ton of money! You can hear your neighbors easily. I got an apartment on the 3rd floor, hoping it wouldn't be an issue, but I can still hear my neighbors, even those below. My air conditioner and heater has been a problem that I've called about probably 10 times in my less than one year of living at Legacy. The most recent problem was a huge leak, so bad that it soaked through my bathroom wall, and you can see the water marks and also, it regularly grows mold now, which I'm highly allergic to, and which maintenance can't fix without replacing probably the entire A/C unit and wall, which they won't. When I told them they needed to fix that, again, no sign they had been in my apartment, other than my kitchen rug was askew and there was a huge pool of water on the kitchen floor in front of the unit. THANKS! This is only the tip of the ice berg, but, the 'best' part of the whole thing is this: Every apartment I've lived in, they always do renewal bonuses, like, once your lease is up, they will give you a discount rate or some sort of re-sign bonus. But oh no, not Legacy! And not only do they not offer you anything, they INCREASE your rates! My monthly rate is going up $50 per month with lease renewal. You can imagine the penalties for not renewing (hundreds of dollars in charges if you don't notify them 2 months in advance you won't be renewing), and also several hundred dollars extra per month if you don't renew and want to go month-to-month. I was really curious why I saw nearly all my neighbors in my building moving out over the past month or two, but now, I totally understand! It is absolutely not worth the cost of living here! Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere...your pocketbook and your nerves will thank you later! I rented from fall '08 through fall '09. ...

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